Calligraphy on invitations

It’s common practice that the addressing an invitation be done in calligraphy. I don’t think I’ve ever received a wedding invite that didn’t have calligraphy on the envelope. But you know what? My own wedding invitation didn’t make use of calligraphy.

Maybe it’s because weddings are usually grand affairs here in the country; the perfect excuse to dress up and experience the “elegant, high society” life (at least for one day). They usually brought to mind chandeliers, crystal goblets, and expensive china. Not to mention extravagant flower arrangements at every nook and canny of the room. With that grand a wedding, I would say it’s an insult to your invitations if the envelopes weren’t addressed using calligraphy. Read more »

Ring shopping!

This is probably one of the most exciting part of wedding planning: ring shopping! But, to be totally honest, this was the “most painful” for our pockets. Face it, rings don’t come in pancake packages—these babies aren’t cheap. But then again, I guess it will all depend on where you get the rings.

My husband, Marc, and I spent around P13,000 for our rings. Yes, P13k for both them already. And they weren’t made of silver, mind you. White gold! With a tiny, teeny weeny diamond on encrusted on each. We were on a tight budget, but we didn’t want the “symbols of our unending love” be as cheap as those things you’ll find in sterling silver shop. We wanted it to be worth something, but still within our reach. Read more »

Wedding Planners: to hire or not to hire

Yeah, that is the question. Should you or should you not hire a wedding planner? Allotting budget for a wedding planner is something that you and your fiancé should carefully talk over. Unless you’re incredibly rich and five-digit payouts don’t mean a thing to you, hiring a planner can be quite expensive.

The first thing that you need to know is what exactly a wedding planner does. In the 10 months of my engagement, I’ve received quite a lot of proposals from wedding planners. And they offered me three options: Full Coordination, Semi Coordination, and On-the-Day Coordination. Read more »