Hello World. Gail welcomes you to My Filipino Wedding!

The title says it all; I’d like to welcome all of you to this newly installed blog.

I’m Gail Dela Cruz-Villanueva, and I’ve recently tied the knot with my best friend, Marc, last 25th of November. My husband and I were on a tight budget (we were the ones paying for our wedding expenses), so we had to do the planning on our own and find the best but affordable suppliers for our wedding. Not to mention there were certain family issues (that gave us huge headaches) we had to deal with. It wasn’t easy—Marc and I were very stressed a week before our wedding—but we can now proudly say that we’ve learned a lot from the whole experience.

According to a fellow blogger, our total expenditure for the wedding and reception was actually quite low in terms of today’s standards of not-too-simple wedding with 200 guests. That’s actually where I got the idea for this blog. I had intended to write a series of posts on how we were able to keep our expenses to approximately P155,000 (really, it’s possible) and still have our dream wedding, but I’ve learned so much with the planning that I thought it would be better to have an entire blog out of it.

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issa :

this comment is almost 2 years late, lol! but like you guys, we’re also on a tight budget. and to top it off, my fiance and i come from huge clans. relatives alone will account for 80% of our 200 guests. sigh.. im reading your blog from this post up to get tips. thanks for putting this up! =)

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