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This is probably one of the most exciting part of wedding planning: ring shopping! But, to be totally honest, this was the “most painful” for our pockets. Face it, rings don’t come in pancake packages—these babies aren’t cheap. But then again, I guess it will all depend on where you get the rings.

My husband, Marc, and I spent around P13,000 for our rings. Yes, P13k for both them already. And they weren’t made of silver, mind you. White gold! With a tiny, teeny weeny diamond on encrusted on each. We were on a tight budget, but we didn’t want the “symbols of our unending love” be as cheap as those things you’ll find in sterling silver shop. We wanted it to be worth something, but still within our reach.

Wedding Rings

Here are some things you might want to consider when you’re doing your ring shopping, and have a very limited budget:

  • Shop early. Early, as in, not a month before. My husband and I made that very mistake: we bought the ring only about three weeks before our wedding day. And since we were in a pretty tight spot already (imagine getting married without the wedding bands), we had no choice but to pay the additional rush fee.
  • Use your charms to haggle. Yeah, Marc and I did just that. We were able to charm our way into a discount.
  • Branded or not branded? You decide. But if you don’t have the luxury of having an unending flow of cash, the unbranded one might be better for you. Branded rings can cost you more than three times (or more) the price of unbranded ones.
  • Yellow gold, white gold, platinum, two-color, tri-color—take your pick. It’s always best to know before hand what kind of wedding band you want. The cheapest is the yellow gold one, the tri-color being the most expensive. When you already know what you want (and have really thought about it), it’s easier to estimate the price range.
  • The simpler the design, the less expensive the ring becomes. Don’t get me wrong though, a simple ring design doesn’t mean that it’s too plain. Remember that you’d be wearing these rings every single day of your lives. A garish ring will not only attract snatchers (not to mention hold-uppers), but it would be hard for you to match it with the clothes you wear.
  • Canvas, canvas! Make sure you canvas first, it’s really not advisable to buy your rings in the first shop that you’ll come across. You’re just going to feel bad when you see a jewelry store offering the same design but at a lower price. Take your time deciding.

And last but not the least, ask about the warranty. Marc and I got our rings at Suarez Wedding Rings in Gateway Mall, Cubao. Aside from getting them at a reasonable price, these babies also come with a lifetime warranty (I don’t think the warranty covers losing the rings though hehe).

Did I miss anything? Feel free to add your input and help other soon-to-weds with their ring shopping!

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kitty :

you don’t match your clothes with your wedding band, this is the first time i heard about this!!!been married for the longest time, i don’t care what i wear, the band stays on my left ring finger, period.

@Kitty: good for you! I’ve had some clients (I have a small novelty invitations business) who are totally anal when it comes to matching their clothes with their wedding bands. I guess appearances mean more to some than the actual meaning behind the ring. 🙂

lalee :

do you know a place where we could buy wedding bands of high quality yet doesn’t cost a leg and an arm? we’re planning on buying white gold.

Gail :

@lalee: You can try Suarez Wedding Rings. They have a branch in Gateway, near the LRT station. They’re the cheapest (but offers good quality and designs) that we found.

kemal tefik :

Dear Sirs,

Our Company Aspar Wedding Bands was established in 1995 prior to our 26 years of experience in this field. Our shop and workshop are located in İzmir Turkey.
With our talented designers, skilled craftsmen which has inspired us to manufacture and produce some of the finest Wedding Bands in Turkey. All of our Wedding Bands are totally hand made with the utmost care and attention.

We have a large collection of designs in White / Yellow gold or combined colours which we can produce in 8,9,10,14,18, 22 Kt gold or to meet your needs. We can also produce the same designs in Silver.

We have over 360 sales points in Turkey and all our products are under our guarantee, each piece is quality controlled and made sure that it is under the essential specications needed.

We would appreciate your contact and if you need any assitance concerning any questions or inquiries that you have please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, you may see some of our collection of Wedding rings at our web site and reply back to us for our whole collection catalouge.

Your Faithfully,

Kemal Tefik

Contact information:

928 Sokak No: 42 Kemeraltı
Tel + 90 232 4455054
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We got our wedding rings in Chinatown… 8k for the pair, white gold– no precious stones though 🙂

iloveweddings :

Hmmm… That sounds good. We got our wedding rings at Suarez wedding rings for 90k, a platinum ring. REading your post, I think we got ripped off 🙁

blue :

bought our wedding ring in Goldsouk(Dubai) for only AED.1000 i think that was 12k in pesos really nice in two color (yellow&white gold),

Expensive wedding ring is beautiful, but other people can’t afford it. This time we need to think of it. try to see this site

Gail :

A note to Ringmaster / TheWeddingPlanner / Gems Jewelry with IP Address Please STOP SPAMMING. I have already updated the blog post with your company’s URL. You don’t need to post successive comments. Thank you.

lostring :

we got our rings at a jewelry shop in glorietta.. white gold with 11 stones both for 20k. unfortunately, i lost mine now and planning to buy new one this time platinum.learned that platinum cost much.

joy :

we got our wedding ring here in australia from dahlia designs Broome it cost us 900$ for me and for my husband without any prescious stones. i knew it is too dear but all things here in oz is dear.cheaper in the Philippines tho.and mind you folks the rings is just 14k yellow gold.still good to buy jewelries in the Philippines it is cheap.

Sarah :

We bought bands made of tungsten. Significantly cheaper and more durable…the decision was easy. We also decided to buy online from Tungstenworld.com which is a US based company and we saved a ton of money.

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