A romantic Boracay honeymoon at Microtel

Boracay beachPrivacy isn’t really something you can expect if you get a hotel at the heart of the Boracay night life. You hear loud party people till the wee hours, and that’s really isn’t a very romantic setting if you’ve planned to consummate your relationship in Boracay for the very first time 😛 Notwithstanding whatever “activities” you newlyweds would like to do in bed, party noises make it difficult to sleep—which is something you might not like if you’re there for days of rest and relaxation.

If you prefer a quiet and romantic honeymoon at the beach, you might want to consider Microtel Inns & Suites at Diniwid Beach. It’s located at the other side of Boat Station 3, just about a few minute’s walking distance from Boat Station 1. And yes, it’s quite secluded. I know this for a fact—not only was I able to sleep soundly every night we were there, but I was also able to get some work done on my laptop. Read more »

Boracay honeymoon get-away

Boracay Island in Aklan is probably one of the most popular tourist destinations here in the Philippines. Tourists and city folk alike flock to these beaches every summer, usually to enjoy its famed beach nightlife. I myself have wanted to go there and experience that night life people so often talked about, but my hectic schedule made me want to crave more for quiet moments with my husband as opposed to partying till dawn.

Boracay beach sunset

Before choosing Boracay as a honeymoon destination (or even the spot where you’d like to have your wedding if you’ve got enough cash lying around), there is something that you should first ask yourself: Are you there to party with crowds or enjoy quiet and romantic moments with your husband? This matters a lot, especially when choosing the hotel you’d be staying in. Either you get one right in the middle of Boat Station 2 (where the night life is), or you get one on the far end of the island where it’s quiet and secluded. The same goes if you want to have a wedding in Boracay: it’s either party or privacy. Fortunately, I have been able to see both for myself. Read more »

Souvenirs weekend sale and a Boracay experience

First off, I’d like to apologize to those who have been sending me emails the past few weeks. We’ve had quite a busy holiday vacation, and just yesterday my husband and I came back from a great Boracay get-away! 🙂

Boracay beach

Marc and I joined the trip with a few Pinoy travel and photo bloggers, sponsored by Microtel Inns & Suites, South East Asian Airlines, and Zuzuni Boutique Hotel and Restaurant. I’ll be posting another separate entry about this soon (lots of pictures!) so you’d get a better idea of our experience and why you might want to consider their services for your upcoming wedding and/or honeymoon. Do watch out for my comprehensive review! 🙂

I haven’t been able to check my email much while at the beach (the sand and the blue waters seem to have an invisible pull on me! Hehe), so I was greeted with a pleasant surprise for you guys from Melissa of Truly Wedding Favors. They’re having a major sale this weekend! Read more »