A very publicized wedding proposal from a volleyball coach

Last Saturday, Marc (my husband) and I attended the Latino-themed wedding of his high school and college volleyball coach. I heard from Marc’s old teammate how Sherwin (the volleyball coach) proposed, but I never could have imagined how he actually did it until I saw an AVP presentation of the proposal during the reception.

Though my husband is very fond of volleyball, I’m not (definitely not)—I’m more of a basketball person. So I’m really sure when the proposal took place (I think it was during the Shakeys’ V-League last year, if I’m not mistaken).

Imagine proposing in front of hundreds of people (with video coverage to boot)…

You got to give the guy credit—that took guts! Lucky the girl said yes, or the poor guy would have had a broken heart right in front of all those people 🙂

How about you brides-to-be? How did your man propose?

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reah :

i think the couple was featured at last sunday at korina’s show…

@REAH: Yes!! Someone from ABS-CBN stumbled upon either this post or the one over Spikeithard.com blog. Coach Sherwin and her wife Astrid got interviewed by Korina Sanchez at Rated K.

But I wasn’t able to watch it!! Too bad.

wow that was nice. so sweet..

That was sooo sweet! =)

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