Bringing your wedding across the globe

wedding websiteIt’s quite common to have relatives and friends abroad. It’s easy to send them invitations via mail (though you got to go the extra mile and cash to pay for the delivery), but it’s really not that easy to get them here in the Philippines to attend your wedding due to time and budget constraints. But what if you’d like to share with them what will happen on your wedding day?

The easiest (and cheapest) way to do this: get a wedding website.

A lot of people already have access to the World Wide Web, and what’s better than taking advantage of this technology? With a wedding website, you can show the progress of your planning and share wedding info with relatives who can’t be physically with you. Face it, brides have a tendency to want to talk about their wedding plans to anybody who would listen (I know I did!).

There are two ways you can acquire your own wedding website: sign up for a free account, or hire a professional.

I think there are more sites out there offering free wedding sites/blogs for couples, but I only know of two more popular ones: Wedding Announcer and The Knot. These sites let you have your own wedding site for free, and choose from a variety of templates that will fit your wedding theme and motif. I’m not sure of the extent of customization that you can do with a free account, but it’s relatively easy to use if you’re not a techie person. You can easily add pages where you can put your entourage details, suppliers, photos, a write-up on how you met, etc.

If you got a bit more cash lying around, you can always hire a professional to make a customized wedding website for you. You’d get your own domain name and hosting, which is good if you want your website to be easily remembered by your guests. The extent of customization will depend on your provider, and so will the cost.

Either way, you’d easily be able to stay in touch with your guests no matter where they are (unless they’re in the middle of some faraway forest where internet connection is unheard of). And yeah, it’s still cheaper—you’d get to save yourself from adding gazillion of inserts to your wedding invitation (the more invitation inserts you have, the more expensive the cost will be… unless your invitations supplier will be generous enough to give them all to you for free).

You can basically put anything and everything that pertains to your wedding on your wedding website. It’s really up to you if you want to put enough and let uninvited guests know about them 😛

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yah, wedblogs/wedsites are really important nowadays….

showcast your wedding preps and share your wedding suppliers thru wedding sites….


The knot is widely recommended

hey thanks for the info, my daughters wedding is coming up soon

I get excited when i receive wedding invitations. sometimes i also make customized wedding invitations.~,.

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