Battling the “Bridezilla” in you

I first came across this term, “Bridezilla,” when I started planning my own wedding about two years ago while doing some research on the interwebs. The term is apparently coined from the popular monster movie, Godzilla, and the word “bride.” The “-zilla” suffix is added to the word “bride,” which would then mean something like “a monster bride.” This term is usually associated to brides who become so bitchy to everyone that others consider them “monsters”—in a figurative sense of course.

Too bad I lost the link to this online quiz which “determines” if you’re turning to be a Bridezilla or not. But, as we all know, stress can really trigger the monster in all of us. And planning your wedding, can be really stressful. I can’t tell you if you’re already becoming a Bridezilla, but here are some things that might help you not to turn into one 🙂 Read more »

“We reserved 2 seats in your honor”

It is almost customary to include an RSVP card in wedding invitations nowadays. Actually, it is customary already, in addition to the Bridal Entourage insert. Those, plus a location map, are what you typically get when you receive a wedding invitation.

wedding invitation RSVP insert

Yep, RSVP cards weren’t the usual during the time of my parents. I’ve taken a look at my parents’ and my uncle’s wedding invitations (for research when I was doing my own), and they didn’t include inserts other than the Bridal Entourage.

The RSVP card was actually one of the issues my dad and I had when I was planning my own wedding. He said that he understood why we wanted to specify the reserved seats for each guest, but we do have some old-fashioned relatives who would actually find it offensive. Weird? Yeah, I thought so too. But I guess you really can’t blame them. It’s not something that they’re used to. Read more »

My dad and his family; my mom and her family

Divorce isn’t legal in the Philippines, but there is such thing as legal separation. In a country big on families, it’s not surprising that step-families are usually a touchy issue when it comes to weddings. Unless the mom and the dad parted in good terms, such issues are, most often than not, added headaches to the bride and the groom.

Such issues are usually just trivial things for the typical wedding planner; I’ve had chitchats with some wedding planners about this issue during my stint as an invitations-maker. However, it’s different when you’re the one who is actually involved. It’s easy to say “not to concern yourself about it,” but in reality, it’s not. In a culture where respect for the elders is an important family value, you cannot simply dismiss an issue such as this.

So really, how do you handle it? Read more »

Daddy’s girl

I’m a daddy’s girl. There. I said it. And I’m actually proud to be one.

Although being the apple of my dad’s eye has its perks (like, he’d make sure that my husband and I don’t go hungry no matter what happens), being a daddy’s girl can be quite a challenge when you’re about to get married. My dad and I were practically at each other’s throats the week before my wedding day. For some reason, we always had to argue about the wedding details. If my mom hadn’t suffered a stroke, this probably would have been avoided—we would have had a referee. But since things have changed, it was just me and my dad battling it out over the wedding plans.

I think the worst argument we had was about the first dance tradition—it even culminated in a shouting match where my younger sister had to step in. Though my dad said he “absolutely refuses to submit himself in such an embarrassing situation,” in the end, it all just boils down to one thing: he was afraid he was losing me. Though he never really said it. He just told me that it’s not that he didn’t like the Father-Daughter dance, he just wanted to be consulted on things that would involve him. But I understood what he really meant. After that major fight, it was as if we were both relieved of this weird feeling of impending doom. Read more »

The 6 things you can tell somebody you don’t want to invite

Let’s face it. As much as you’d like to invite everyone to your special day, you just can’t.

Unbeknownst to most people, I run a small custom wedding invitations business when I’m not doing web design. The question on “how not to invite somebody to my wedding” came up more than once during my client meetings. They have different reasons not to want to invite somebody: limited budget, the venue is too small, or simply because they just don’t like that certain person. But it all boils down to one thing: how will you tell those people you don’t want to invite them to your wedding after they find out you’re getting married?

Here are some ideas… Read more »