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As a young girl, I dreamed to have my wedding held at the oldest Church in the country. But most often than not, dreams are rarely practical unless you’re really rich—we aren’t rich. There really are some things that you need to forgo when you’re tight on the budget.

Marc and I selected St. Ignatius Cathedral in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City for practical and sentimental reasons. We got lucky—it’s not often that the Church you pick will have both kinds of reasons. Normally, it’s just either of the two.

St. Ignatius Cathedral is far from being old (unlike the Manila Cathedral), but it did have some sentimental meaning for me. My late grandma used to take me there for Sunday mass, and we thought it might be a proper tribute to her memory to have our wedding there. Sentiments aside, St. Ignatius Cathedral is by far the most practical Church for us.

St. Ignatius Cathedral is the nearest Church from our house. Even if the traffic is bad, we can get there in less than 15 minutes. With good traffic flow, driving there would take less than five minutes. Since I had no plans of dressing up in a hotel room (I didn’t want to spend Php5,000 just to get a room), this Church was the best choice in terms of proximity.mfw-church2.jpg

I canvassed for the cost of reserving Church ceremony venues near our area, and St. Ignatius Cathedral is probably the most practical choice in terms of cost. We paid Php7,000 for the reservation of the Church, and that already includes the use of the air-conditioner (AC). Without the AC, it’s only Php5,000. That’s way cheaper than the usual air-conditioned Church (I think reservation at Christ the King Church in Greenmeadows costs around Php25,000, though I’m not sure of the exact amount). The main reason for this is that St. Ignatius Cathedral is situated within a military facility (it’s owned by the military). The Church is already open for civilian use (you don’t need to be in the military to reserve).

This is one of the major concerns that Marc had. He wanted ample parking space for our guests. He didn’t want them to be burdened looking for parking spaces. Luckily, St. Ignatius Cathedral has a spacious area for parking.

The Church we chose is far from being a Manila Cathedral, but it turned out beautifully. Our guests were all comfortably seated with the luxury of an air-conditioner, and the lighting was simply beautiful. They didn’t have difficulty looking for parking spaces (it was actually more than enough), but they did have to show their driver’s license at the gate (Camp Aguinaldo is a military facility).

If you’re planning to have your wedding within the Quezon City area, be sure to have St. Ignatius Cathedral as one of your choices. You can drop by the Church office from 10am to 5pm everyday except for Mondays. Look for Cherrie Pie Pili (she was the one who helped us when we did our reservation).

Oh, and by the way… For an additional Php5,000, you can have pretty roses as Church flower decors. It’s probably not as cheap as the ones you’ll find in Dangwa, but we thought that with the good deal we got from the Church reservation, it’s ok to shell out a few more bucks for Church decors.

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Many thanks for sharing your experience. Certainly a great help for me!!!

cla :

hi. your website is very helpful. we’re also planning to have our wedding in st ignatius cathedral at camp aguinaldo. it’s good to know that the cost to have the wedding there is cheaper compared to other churches in quezon city. the landline no of st ignatius cathedral is (02) 911-6001.

Mazelle :

Hi, I’m getting married next year, this site of urs is a great healp. Btw, is there a reception venue near the church?


I love your blog, I would really like to write about your wedding planning and also about your wedding and feature it in our online magazine, please contact me at the email address I have provided. Thank You.

Michelle :

Hi there,

My sister did not get a professional help. I volunteered to help her wedding and did not act as maid of honor to oversee things till the end of her wedding. I almost cried out of frustration trying to get wonderful ideas without consulting professional event coordinater and with few days before her wedding your suddenly became available for unknown reasons and provide with a lot of details. So I really thank God for providing me your site.

Thanks again….

Mina :

hi this blog is helpful, can you pls tell me the capacity of the cathedral???

ida :

My parents got married at that same church 34 years ago… we are now living here in America and on their 40th wedding anniversary im planning of giving them their anniversary wedding at the same church where they origanilly exchanged their vows… i was just searching in the internet hoping that this church is still up and hoping for informations bout it.. thanks for ur post it does really help a lot…

Joanne :

Hi! Very nice and helpful blog! Do you have pictures of the interior and exterior of the church? Thanks!

kat :

hi, thanks so much for sharing this! hope you can send me some photos of the church, i’m considering their venue for reception that’s why i’m thinking of booking the church as well. thanks.

bon :

hi!do you have a picture of the interior and exterior of the church and how many capacity of there any close venue for reception.tnx po

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