Why you shouldn’t get hitched on Valentines’ Day

Yeah, I know it’s romantic. You get hitched the same time Zeus and Hera got on with it (seriously, it says in Wikipedia that Valentines’ Day is about the time they got married too). But sentimental stuff aside, it’s really not that practical to get married on Heart’s day.

For one thing, you’re going to be a real torture for your guests: imagine the terrible traffic they’ll have to go through. Couples usually go out on Valentines’ day to celebrate their love, so you can just imagine the frustration you’ll be putting your guests through just to nab a parking space.

Another issue I have with a Valentines’ Day wedding date is the fact that you can’t be sure it would fall on a weekend. Unless you don’t want guests to attend your wedding, it’s better to set the date on a weekend. Like this year, Valentines’ Day falls on a Wednesday (Manila time). It’s the middle of the week, the peak work day for most office-goers. Taking this in mind, your guests will really have to love you that much so they’ll take time off work or school just to attend your wedding. That’s the hassle of having it on a weekday—your guests usually have work or school.

Good luck with the flowers. It’s Hearts’ day. Thoughtful boyfriends and husbands buy their loved ones flowers on that day. It’s either you get charged extra by your supplier for choosing the highest peak of their peak season, or you get lucky and nab a generous supplier who do not mind getting flowers when prices are doubled in the name of love. Flower stylists usually get their supplies early in the morning of the event to keep the flowers fresh (my mom used to run a flower shop). And when they get it on Valentines’ Day, you can be sure that the prices would be doubled—maybe even more. The demand for flowers on that day is high—what did you expect?

But if you’re really bent on having the romantic, fairytale Valentines’ Day wedding, I would really suggest you start booking a church (if you’re Catholic) and a reception venue as early as now. For a wedding next year. I’m not kidding. I may be a total spoilsport when it comes to romantic stuff (God must have forgotten to put a romantic bone in my body before I was born), but most women aren’t. You will definitely have competition with that date, sister. So book early!

Fine. Biases and practical reasoning aside, it would be pretty cute to have the big day on Valentines’ Day. I have my gauge of what romantic is (wedding on Valentines’ Day is an overkill for me), but then, to each his own. If you’re really bent on having it on this day, by all means, go ahead. But you will be in for a wedding planning roller coaster ride—it won’t be easy.

What about you? Would you want to get hitched on Valentines’ Day? Why?

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