About My Filipino Wedding

My Filipino Wedding is blog written by Gail Dela Cruz-Villanueva, a home-based web designer, blogger, and entrepreneur. Gail is the owner and author of the personal blog Kutitots, which had helped finance her wedding last 25th of November, 2006.

Due to budget constraints, Gail and her now-husband Marc were the ones who had planned their wedding from start to finish. And it was through this stressful (but fun) experience did the author get the idea of starting a blog on planning/having a Filipino wedding. She hoped that sharing her experience with soon-to-weds would help them ease the stress and burden of getting married.

My Filipino Wedding reflects the opinions of the author, most (if not all) are based on actual experiences. The purpose of this blog does not rely on advertising suppliers, but providing the reader as objective reviews and information on Filipino weddings as possible. However, please note that should an entry be sponsored by a supplier, this will be marked by the category “Sponsored Posts” so as not to compromise the objectivity of other reviews and editorials written on this blog.

Should you have suggestions, concerns, comments, or topic ideas, feel free to contact the author!