The 6 things you can tell somebody you don’t want to invite

Let’s face it. As much as you’d like to invite everyone to your special day, you just can’t.

Unbeknownst to most people, I run a small custom wedding invitations business when I’m not doing web design. The question on “how not to invite somebody to my wedding” came up more than once during my client meetings. They have different reasons not to want to invite somebody: limited budget, the venue is too small, or simply because they just don’t like that certain person. But it all boils down to one thing: how will you tell those people you don’t want to invite them to your wedding after they find out you’re getting married?

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Bad lucks and wedding gowns

Nah. This ain’t about fashion—that’s Sasha’s turf. Hehe. It’s not about bad luck either 😛 It’s about both.

I’m aware of one Filipino wedding belief about wedding gowns and bad luck. How can I not be, when my elder aunts and some uncles insisted that I follow it? They totally went mental when I tried to say I wasn’t planning on following the belief.

Here’s how it goes… Elders say that it’s bad luck for the bride to wear the gown before her wedding day. If she does, the wedding won’t push through.

Yeah. Sure.

Having been a bride myself, I realize that one can be pretty anal while waiting for the big day to come. You do everything to make sure nothing bad happens. And I don’t blame my aunts for insisting that I follow this belief—I didn’t want my wedding not to push through. And yes, it’s true that it doesn’t hurt to follow it. What did I have to lose?

A lot, actually. It was a real hassle following it.

I’m stingy (no, really, I just had a limited budget), so I had my gown made in Divisoria (more on this later!). I was doubtful the gown would fit when I first saw it. Luckily, I was with a young auntie (she’s my mom’s youngest cousin, so yeah, she’s still young). She asked me point blank if I really want to try it on. I said yeah, I didn’t want to wear a gown that looked like it would fall off the moment I wear it. So we thought, oh what the heck. We just won’t tell my parents and my elder aunts about it. It would be our little secret. I wore the gown and saw how it fit.

I was right. It didn’t fit. It was too big. Now, that’s lucky. If I didn’t fit it, I probably walked down the aisle wearing a gown too big for me.

And you know what? Though I wore my gown before the wedding day, I’m still wearing a wedding band right now. I still got hitched.

How about you? Will you try on your gown before your wedding day?