Wedding favors from Truly Wedding Favors

Readers, take note: This is a paid review. But as I have said in my disclaimer, I’m going to be as objective as possible regardless of which.

Personalized coffee kitBeing a web designer by profession had somehow turned me off a bit from buying online. I guess seeing the production of a shopping cart from concept to execution just made me think twice before inputting my credit card info. It’s not because I didn’t have faith in online transactions, but it’s simply due to the fact that we have always found alternatives for shopping cart payment gateways because Paypal isn’t available in the country yet. It was the issues on Philippine banking laws that prevented us from having fully-functional Paypal accounts, which kind of makes you wonder if it really is safe to transact online. But ever since the Paypal ban has been lifted, I must say that I’ve been less paranoid about buying stuff online with my credit card—which makes my husband frown every time he got our credit card bill. Hehe.

So what does all this tech talk have to do with wedding favors? A lot. Well, in the case of this review at least, because what I’ll be reviewing is an online store for wedding favors: Truly Wedding Favors. Read more »

Downloads page added!

Finally, it’s ready. I have just upgraded this blog’s hosting plan, so I’m now able to host files without worrying about exceeding bandwidth.

The newly-added Downloads page of My Filipino Wedding will contain useful files you can use for your wedding. Basically, it’s a resources page. All files linked on that page are free for download (you don’t need to pay for the files to be able to use them), but a link back to My Filipino Wedding will be greatly appreciated.

Please note that you are downloading the resource files at your own risk. I’ve check the files for viruses (they don’t have any), but you can never be too sure.

I’ll be adding more wedding resource files in the future as we go along. For the time being, you can now download the Chocnut Label Template should you wish to create some for your wedding as discussed in my previous post.