Outdoor wedding receptions

I have honestly dreamed of having an outdoor wedding reception. I love nature, and I love animals, so it’s only natural to want to have my special day in a place that I’m particularly fond of. But, we just couldn’t afford it 🙁

Through extensive research and canvassing, my husband then-fiance, Marc, and I determined that a garden reception was just a bit too pricey for us. Outdoor venues in Quezon City are just way too pricey. And the thing is, we wanted our wedding ceremony held at a church which held sentimental memories of my late grandma. That’s our main priority, so we just contended ourselves with an indoor reception. Read more »

Food tasting events are more than just free food

For me and my husband (Marc), food tasting was the best part of planning our wedding. Why? Free food, of course! But, as we’ve found it out the hard way, depending your lunch on a food tasting event is bad idea if you have a big appetite. 😀


The food servings given at events like these are only small portions—basically, just enough for you to have an idea of how their food tastes like. And because there are a lot of people going to these events, you won’t be able to see the actual table arrangements (they’ll show you photos of real weddings for those). Sometimes the caterers go all out on decorating their buffet tables (like Josiah’s Catering did on a bridal fair I attended), but there are also times when the setup is just simple (not the real thing in weddings, obviously). Read more »

Dessert alternatives

If you have a sweet tooth like me and my husband, you’d probably want more than the menu choices your caterer will provide you. Caterers usually have set packages for weddings, and the dessert choices are usually very limited. Unless you choose the more expensive wedding packages, you’d probably end up with simple desserts like assorted fruits or buko pandan salad.

The best way for you to spice up the desserts you will serve your guests is to add some of these dessert alternatives. Some of them sound pretty expensive, but really, most aren’t—you just need to get the right supplier 🙂 Read more »

The art of seating arrangement

Imagine yourself attending a wedding where you don’t know anyone except for the bride. Or the groom. Unless you’re extremely friendly by nature (like, you make friends with strangers on a regular basis), it will be very difficult for you to find a place to sit and strike up a conversation with a person you’ve never met before.

The seating arrangement for the wedding reception is one of the more important aspects of planning your wedding, especially when you’re inviting a lot of guests. Unless your wedding is a very intimate celebration (like, only 50 guests or less), it’s necessary for you to have at least a blue print of where guests will sit come the wedding reception. Why am I just talking about wedding receptions? Well, for the simple reason that there won’t be a need for socialization during ceremony itself (you wouldn’t want your guests to be talking amongst themselves while you take your vows, would you?). But during the wedding reception, there is.

Wedding seating arrangement

Here are some tips on how to plan your wedding reception’s seating arrangement. Read more »