Outdoor wedding receptions

I have honestly dreamed of having an outdoor wedding reception. I love nature, and I love animals, so it’s only natural to want to have my special day in a place that I’m particularly fond of. But, we just couldn’t afford it 🙁

Through extensive research and canvassing, my husband then-fiance, Marc, and I determined that a garden reception was just a bit too pricey for us. Outdoor venues in Quezon City are just way too pricey. And the thing is, we wanted our wedding ceremony held at a church which held sentimental memories of my late grandma. That’s our main priority, so we just contended ourselves with an indoor reception.

The more popular outdoor venues include The Oasis (Quezon City), Gazebo Royale (Quezon City), SOLEA Garden (Quezon City), Blue Gardens (Quezon City), The Big Tent (Quezon City), Mango Farm (Antipolo), and MMLDC (Antipolo). If you have a bit of cash to throw around, you might want to check out these outdoor venues.

As I have said, I’m pretty fond of nature. If they weren’t far (not to mention expensive), I’d go for an outdoor venue out of town.

Reception at Fantasy World Lemery, Batangas
Reception at Fantasy World in Lemery, Batangas

Scenery at Fantasy World
Idyllic scenery at sunset (Fantasy World)

The Oasis, Quezon City
Frontage of The Oasis in Quezon City

Spacious outdoor venue of Fontana Leisure Park in Angeles City
Spacious outdoor venue of Fontana Leisure Park in Angeles City

A bridge leading to the Fontana outdoor venue
A bridge leading to the Fontana outdoor venue

* * *

I dunno how much it costs to reserve venues at Fontana Leisure Park and The Oasis (I’m not even sure if you need membership in order to have an event at Fontana), but you may inquire at Fantasy World through 02-8336566. Last year, the cost was Php50,000 for the first four hours of use, and Php10,000 per hour succeeding. See? I told you it was costly 🙂

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joanne flores :

just wanted to share this bit of information.
my fiance and I also want an outdoor wedding we scheduled ours summer next year. i was also frustrated on looking for a place due to budget constraints…
i remember a film of aga’s and regine the church in the scene is kinda open air. i’ve asked around and browsed through the internet but can’t find a blog regarding this church. luckily, an officemate of mine knows a churc that looks like the one from aga’s.
NATURE’S CHURCH at moonwalk las pinas.
we decided to do an ocular and see the place.
its very LOVELY. its a quaint open chapel in the middle of a garden made. we fell in love with in instantly.
the rates is way too swak with our budget.
Php 9,600 for the church. however, we are required to hold the reception there and have their inhouse caterer. not bad as well the garden is equally LOVELY and the rates is really within the budget menus ranges from 300-650/pax.
Now we have other things to splurge on.
Hope you could pass this around.

Gail :

@Joanne: Thanks for the info! Do you have some photos?

mcdl :


I’ve been gleaning several pre-wedding tips from your website, and I just wanted to thank you! I got SO much information (I’m an April 2008 bride-to-be) 🙂

Our reception will be held in our garden at home. To cut down the costs, we too are making our own invites, designed by my brother who is a graphic designer and web artist. We also found a great caterer who gave us an awesome package for a sit-down dinner for 150 people (at P235 a head only, including amenties!)

Gail :

@mcdl: That’s great! Glad to be able to help 🙂 P235 per head is a great deal. Hope you can email me feedback about your caterer! Lots of brides-to-be would love to know about that 🙂

ria :

hi! i just chanced upon this blog while searching for a breakfast wedding reception. i am also an April 2008 bride, and aside from the church we haven’t decided on anything yet. i am just happy to have found this blog. i think i will have a very productive christmas break, reading your blog. and i hope mcdl shares the info about the great caterer! =) happy holidays!!!

hi, i chanced upon your website while looking for resources for a friend.

The one mentioned by joanne is located in UP Los Baños in Laguna. =)


rakelita :

Joanne flores can u give me the website of contact number of nature church if you dont mind please since I’m also scouting an outdoor wedding..pls pls…thank you

Jona :

Hi rekelita,
Below are the details in Natures Church.
Really nice place.

Natures Church
Mary Immaculate Parish
Apollo II st. Moonwalk Village, Talon V, Las Pinas City
Tel no.: 801-7806 / 805-7225

James Peters :

Ive met a Filipina lady, we are starting the wedding planning stage. I have to admit, I am totally lost, and quite confused as to how much it should cost. She has her idea, ( hehe ) I am like .. do we have to spend that much ?? She told me today the clothing for us, parents and others will run about 250,000 – 320,000 peso. I am estimating the total wedding cost and honeymoon will run about 60,000 USD. ( fainting ) I have read your comments of out door Garden weddings. That is exactly what she wants at Fernwood. a 10 tier cake, chocolate fountain, butterfly release, dove release, reception for 150 guests ect ect.. Can you send me any hints ( hehe ) or should I just hand her my checkbook ?


Gail :

@Jona: Thanks for the info, Jona! That’s great help to our readers 🙂

@James Peters: That’s quite a grand wedding you’re having! Yep, just hand her your checkbook 😀

lyst... :

we’re supposed 2 get married by june 2009 but since my whole family already planned on having their vacation in P.I on january,we decided on moving it on january..we’re both out of the country as well,so its really hard for us..any suggestions for a garden wedding,and a wedding planner as well..thnx

aNj :

hi… im gonna get married on Oct this year. Can you give me some ideas on invitations… styles and everything. Thank you so much

irven12 :

hi, i’ve seen wedding packages for oasis and jardin de miramir which costs like 130k…do you think it’s cheaper and better if you avail these packages?

Hi we’ve planned to have an under the sea beach theme wedding on december this year we want a garden venue, located @ new manila q.c. or anywhere near mt. carmel church we’re just only looking for a venue because we have our own caterer, could you please help us guys looking for a cheap (Php 10k or below) yet cozy place, thanks a lot.

ehdz munarriz :

can you suggest possible reception venues in manila or makati for a wedding on sept. ty

Angel Belle :

Wow! What a great site… Actually, I am also looking for a perfect place for my wedding probably on the last quarter of the year. Natures Church must be the perfect place. The Church that was used in PANGAKO movie of Aga and Regine is in Laguna and I am also looking for the same place but I want it to be located in Metro Manila. Thank you so much…

Angel :

Hello Ms. Irven! I an Event Specialist, 130K? What are the inclusions? Is this for 100 pax? Can you give me details so that I can give you a friendly advise.

jass :

joanne, i also wanted to to wed in nature’s church but after reading thru this website, ur comment caught my attention. can you please give me the details in where your wedding was held? thanks.

Judy :

I don’t know how i stumbled upon this website, but its really helpful! It’s really helpful for us filipino-american. I always wanted to have my wedding in the philippines, but never knew where to begin or where to even look! Thanks for this blog, its really helpful.

me-mae :

hi joanne,

i’m confused in chosing the perfect church on our wedding..we’re planning to have it on the 1st qtr of 2009. im confused with National Shrine of Sacred Heart and Nuestra Senora de Gracia (both in Makati) though, few days ago, i got interested with Nature Church. i remembered the movie with regine… i find it unique and lovely too. i check on their rates. both church and the food are affordable. but i would also like to know if they have sumptuous and delicious food. my fiance and i both want to splurge more on food. i want the food that our guest will remember for a lifetime. hope to hear from you.

meg hilvano :

hi! im getting married through civil ceremony this november 2008…since my boyfriend of 8 years (we have a kid already) is a muslim and im a catholic we opted for that kind of ceremony para walang maapakang parties…and i wanted my wedding to be simple but remembable since it’s the only wedding i get to have…alam mo yun walang gaanong elaborations compared to church weddins…and with a little time and budget i want to ask baka may alam kang venue na cheap pero maganda.thanks and More power to your site

Marj :

hi i’m a late may or early june bride to be. i was just wondering if you guys know of a garden that would be fit for a Christian Wedding? please help. im about to lose my sanity here.hope to hear from you guys. our budget’s 200 to 250k all in. thank you so much.

Belle :


I am Belle, an event specialist. You may call 0916-2360990/92 for your inquiries.

e-mail me: onetoone.consultancy@yahoo.com

Sam :

Hi there!

In case you need a wedding coordinator, you can contact me at 09178561918 or email me at akinto66@yahoo.com.

Thanks! 🙂

Rian :

Guys, I recommend you to have a wedding coordinator because it’s a big help.

Lian :

check cipriano’s garden:
232 Malaya Street, United San Pedro Subdivision, San Pedro, Laguna 4023 Philippines


I think their wedding package would run to 63K for 100 pax. (foods and venue)

For wedding gowns, try divisoria. Bridal gowns would range from 2500 to 8k

Diane :

Thanks Belle for the advice, I’ll be seeing you soon to be my official wedding coordinator. I am a tough client so be more patient.

Diane :

Thanks Belle for the advice, I’ll be seeing you soon to be my official wedding coordinator. I am a tough client so be more patient.

A wedding specialist will let your dream be in reality. Please check my website: http://www.one2oneevents.tk
e-mail me: onetoone.consultancy@yahoo.com

Thanks and God bless you all!

carla :

helo everyone! im a wedding photographer n hv been thru most of d venues mentioned here but i’m hopelessly surfing around coz i’m planning for my own weddng and it’s tuff!

to impart a bit of info from experience, nature’s church is a lovely venue, ul get beautiful shots in d morning, sayang biglang nasunog, but i’v heard reconstructed n uli. maraming food choices, not dat bad as i remember 🙂 d church alone wud make the experience memorable

cipriano’s garden is a steal coz the venue is breathtaking. big beautiful place with many places for a wonderful shoot, but been there twice pero di ko pa ntikman food, dahil nililigpit agad grrrr… bad news to suppliers at late guests.

great garden venues i remember are fernwood, hardinero, josephine’s tagaytay, jardin de miramar…

as for my own wedding, low budget is mking my knowledge worthless hehehe… help any1? 😛

Nice reading!!! Keep posting.


Im informing those who asked that the new designs on the
peach cocktail invitations website found here
http://www.peachcocktail.co.uk are on site.

There is a discount in May also
on all designs featured, and i must say the designs are very good indeed.

Debonair is a civil favourite with its colour change shirt idea!



Jona :


My bf and i choose malate church but we had a problem for the reception venue. Can you guys help to find for a place that would fit to our budget? and also do you have a number of ramon magsaysay hall?


wowie :

@james peters: 250-300K for gowns, & such? if your very rich, spending for your wedding shouldn’t be a problem, but i honestly believe all your funds should be spent for just one day… after all, your wedding is just the beginning of your life together, right?

talk to your fiancee on what she really wants… i’m helping my sister organize her wedding… though my working budget is less than 100K, all in, which should be workable as she doesn’t have much guests — her fiancè is also a foreigner & his family won’t be here, we think its fair to him to just have guests he’ll really know & would really matter in theru life.

jane magno :

hello gail im planning my reception to be held in patio victoria,help me if u have an idea about the place thanks

ivy :

hi. the church in aga’s movie is in UPLB. I fell in love with the place too. Just imagine flowing water beneath the seats. quite impressive. check it out. on top of the mountain.

ivy :

the church in aga’s movie is in UPLB. I fell in love with the place too. Just imagine flowing water beneath the seats. quite impressive. check it out. on top of the mountain.

Hi lyst.I’m an event planner.maybe i can help you out.you can ym or email me thru jvreodica@yahoo.com or events_and_designs@yahoo.com.tnx.

those who wants a garden wedding in qc,try amaranth garden.its a nice place.

cris :

wowie, (and for others who can help hehehe…)

is it even possible nowadays to have a wedding of less than P100k? though id like a memorable wedding, i only want simple one… id rather use d money to help start my family… could you give some tips for 100 guests? on church/venue/caterer? thanks a lot…

jane :

hello everyone! We’re planning to have our wedding on january 2009,having a baby of 1 month & 2 weeks and we’re here in Canada.We dont know how we will manage our wedding in the Philippines and with just P150k to P200k budget only,maybe a 100 guests to attend.Location is just in manila. We are just starting a living here in Canada at may 1st baby pa kaya wala masyadong budget.
Balak sana namen eh magbinyag na lang paguwi kaya lang we promise to my parents na magpapakasal kme sa simbahan kya kahit maliit na budget sana maisakatuparan namen.Mahal din ang pamasahe pauwi sa Pilipinas kaya nabawasan pa ang budget namen.

I hope matulungan niyo po kame sa mga suggestions niyo.Malaking tulong ang maibibigay niyo. And one thing din po…bigayan niyo rin po ako ng list na dapat asikasuhin pag mag plan ng wedding. THANK YOU PO AND GOD BLESS sa inyo.

jane :

hello everyone! We’re planning to have our wedding on january 2009,having a baby of 1 month & 2 weeks and we’re here in Canada.We dont know how we will manage our wedding in the Philippines and with just P150k to P200k budget only,maybe a 100 guests to attend.Location is just in manila. We are just starting a living here in Canada at may 1st baby pa kaya wala masyadong budget.
Balak sana namen eh magbinyag na lang paguwi kaya lang we promise to my parents na magpapakasal kme sa simbahan kya kahit maliit na budget sana maisakatuparan namen.Mahal din ang pamasahe pauwi sa Pilipinas kaya nabawasan pa ang budget namen.

I hope matulungan niyo po kame sa mga suggestions niyo.Malaking tulong ang maibibigay niyo. And one thing din po…bigyan niyo rin po ako ng list na dapat asikasuhin pag mag plan ng wedding. THANK YOU PO AND GOD BLESS sa inyo.

liz :

to James Peters: 250-300k for a gown is a way too expensive.. you have to talk to her and give her your budget.. it’s true that your wedding should be memorable but put in mind that what important is what will you couples be after the wedding.. give her you budget, let her know why you can’t spend 60k usd.. its too much for me.. i’l be getting wed also and we’re working here at SG.. but I’m trying to find ways not to cost our wedding for more than 350k php.. i dnt want to put all our savings for just a one day event..im thinking of our future.. i dnt want to spend too much for our wedding then after that, we have to save again for our future family..spend you money wisely 🙂 i’d rather put our other savings to investment and insurance.. 😉 i think 300-500k php is enough for 200 pax.. you can try to email caterers and ask them for venue and packages..blue gardens venue is only 45k..they have packages with buffet food already which will cost 150k for 150pax.. i will also recommend that you visit silay.multiply.com.. they can help you work around your budget.. i’m planning to get them as my wedding coordinator.. that’s all! hope this help for those who are getting married.. 🙂

Lynn :


The estimates are way way way way too expensive. Please visit http://lgevents.multiply.com. They will give you a good rate. They can refer you to affordable and quality suppliers. They were able to handle a wedding with 150K budget. They really customize to the needs and of course to the budget of their clients.

please also visit the site for future reference.

God bless

Lynn :


please visit http://lgevents.multiply.com. I know that they can work out the very best wedding for your budget. They have access to great locations such as the clubhouse in greenhills, valle verde, green meadows, and corinthians. These venues are really affordable. LG Events is a one-stop shop. You do not have to worry about exceeding 200K, im positive they will be able to give you only the best and the most affordable suppliers.

Please do contact them.

cj :


Can anyone suggest a wedding reception venue near St. Ignatius church na affordable? Indoor wedding sana, because aircon is a major consideration. we’re planning on a brunch/lunch reception. Thank you!

Gail :

@CJ: you can try Acropolis Greens Clubhouse. It’s so near St. Ignatius Church. That’s where my husband and I had our wedding reception.

If you need a rush wedding coordination, please let me know. visit my site: http://www.eventspecialist.multiply.com

i can help you and that’s a promise.

thanks and God bless you!

patz :

hi, can anyone suggest if your budget is only 50k, would it fit for a garden wedding?


hal3 :

hi. i need a wedding coordinator for my friends wedding. we’re from San Pedro Laguna..Her budget is only 200-250k..we need an on the day wedding coordinator for Feb 2009. help naman po bk meron kayo pwede irefer

mitch :

hi, everyone.

My bf and i planned to have a civil wedding.. Any suggestion for the wedding reception? around qc, budget 30k good for 40 people. thanks!

To mcdl… can you tell me who is your caterer? that’s very amazing. I am looking out for affordable caterers that could meet our budget. Can’t wait for your reply… haha. 🙂

jenny :

Hello guys. I am looking for a nice garden venue for my wedding on July 2009. Please give me an advise pati na rin ung mga nagastos niyo. Thank you.. here is my email add hernandez_jhenny@yahoo.com

Thank you

Fragrant Moments would like to offer our 200k package that’s good for 100 guests. Email us for more information at fragrantmoments@yahoo.com or check out our site http://www.fragrantmoments.com.

Thanks! Happy preps to all soon-to-wed brides!


If you live in the South (Parañaque, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas…) I would suggest Palmier… @ 310 Aguirre Ave. BF Homes, Parañaque… you can check out my photos. I got married there last September 7. I had 30 guests and it only cost me about 21K. That’s for the food and the venue, with decor… and the food is good too! even the guests said so.. 🙂

uno :

Hi Ms Gail, and everyone.. hope you can help me, my fiance and i are planning to have a church wedding aug next year. dream chrch is nuestra senora de gracia in makati city. we are having the difficulty in finding a nearby, cheaper reception venue that can accomodate a 280-300 guests, aircon is a major consideration. help, help, help… also, can anyone (attn, wedding coordinators) help us out in budgetting this event with a 200K budget?..

hope to hear any response soon. thanks much!..

uno :

(in addition):

an indoor reception venue is in need since chosen month of the wedding falls on a rainy season already..

wud appreciate any support and response, thanks again…

Michicoi :

Can anyone advise me on this…My bf and I are planning to get married next year…civil wedding muna then about 8 months after ung church naman….can anyone tell me about the papers na kailangan kahit na married na kami…coz super limited ang oras namin for i only have 1 month vacation leave at sya 2 weeks lang…and another thing…pwede ba ang garden wedding tapos priest ang presiding officer??? i really need the info..please help me out….thanks

yhols :

Don’t ever think of having your special occasion/event done in The Big Tent Venue, QC. There is no nice background for your pics! The worst of experience I had was when claiming the refund. They’ll pay you in check even though you’ve paid them cash. Imagine that! mukhang pera ang may-ari talaga. And most horrible manager I’ve ever met/dealt with ay ung manager ng venue! It was a nightmare experience after my wedding.

shylalu :

It is St. Marc’s chapel in Laguna (the one in Aga and Regine’s movie). I also wanted to get married there but it is no longer allowed for Catholics to wed outside the church.. =(

Villa Escudero is also a nice place. Anyway, I am still looking around for places as well. We’re planning to get married on June 2010.

ph0ebe_n0v3mb3r :

I’ll be having my wedding between july and aug 2009.

I’m having the church wedding in Caleruega.

Can you please give me contacts for suppliers in Tagaytay? and possible venue?

our budget is 200k for 60-80 people. please email me at ph0ebe_n0v3mb3r@yahoo.com


aisa ibarrola :

i would like to have an outdoor,i would want to do it on the beach but my fiance hates traveling so i was thinking of just getting an outdoor wedding near qc but i only got few guest about 20 persons.I hope you can help me here coz we were planning to get married this febuary .Thanks!

ashley :

Thanks for the info. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Patio Isabel y Jardin located in San Mateo, Rizal. i chanced upon their website:patioisabel.multiply.com and thought of doing an ocular inspection myself. I thought that since it’s in San mateo, location would be really far off. I was surprised that I could get there in about 15 minutes coming from the QC memorial circle. It’s just off the Batasan complex. They have a huge outdoor garden with gazebo as well as a pavilion. Was mighty impressed. They’re worth checking out and their rates are reasonable.

Anne :

We specialize in BUDGET and THEMATIC weddings. For one-of-a-kind weddings that won’t burn your pockets, do give us a call at 09182781525 or 4737421. Our budget all-in packages start at P150,000. Hope to be of help to you all.

Anne :

By the way, you may also shoot us an email with your requirements so we could get back to you with our proposal.

rachelle :

@ Anne, you did’nt leave your email address.. 🙂 Thanks all for this very helpful site.


valerie :

im wer planning to get married by this comin aug 8.balak nmen is s UST parish kme pakasal..but i dnt know any reception venue near it..
wer here in Singapore so nhhrapan n kme..
up to now wla p kmeng nkukuhang wedding coordinator..our budget is 150-180k..i appreciate any help po..

cathy :

hi we are having out reception at mr hardinero along q.ave. the rental fee is free if you will avail their inhouse caterer. you may want to check the place..thanks:D

wayfaring :

does anyone have contact info for St. Marc’s Chapel in UPLB? also, do we have confirmation that the nature church in moonwalk has been reconstructed?
thanks loads!

if you’ll be needing an event organizer to make your special day unforgettable and an spectacular one.. dont hesitate to contact us at: 09158107880 and view our site at preciousmoments09.multiply.com

cantwait2marryhim :

hi! i’m getting married and wants a garden wedding that’s affordable. it will not be a church wedding and i prefer to have it within paranaque and affordable…hope anyone can help me. Thanks!

veepee :

i would like to ask if yu know the church name of aga-regine wedding venue in the movie pangako hindi kita iiwan? also if you have contact details? thanks2

Ana :

Hi! I’m a Aug 2010 bride. our venue will be at the mango farm in antipolo. Need church suggestions.. cheap and with aircon. (Antipolo, marikina, pasig or qc maybe?) Thanks!

fhloee :

It’s nice to know that there is a caterer offering P235 per head. may i know the website and the contact number please…ds s my email add: fhloee838@yahoo.com..
your help will be grately appreciated.
thanks a lot and a grace-filled new year to u.

fhloee :

GAIL: (The above message is for u)
I hope u could help me find another cheap caterer like the P235 per head.
thank you bso much…

Gail :

Hi Fhloee, not sure who still offer catering at that price. I got married in 2006, so prices have most likely increased since then. Your best bet though is to look for lesser-known caterers but have personal recommendation from your neighbors, friends, or relatives.

Mints :

I would like to know what you guys think of Oasis (venue) in New Manila? Thanks

Ameerah :

Hi Gail:

My nephew is getting married in June and he and his bride mentioned about the Nature’s church in Moonwalk..could you please give me the website of the church and their catering if they have one. The bride gave me: http://www.naturescafe.webs.com BUT I have a difficult time getting it on the web…actually she wants me to browse on the menu offered at 400 pesos per person but I also want to see the picture of the church itself. I would really appreciate if you could reply on this email of mine asap…Take care and God Bless

hi guys! just wondering.. you might need a caterer that would serve you and your guests the perfect meals but on a tight budget.. just give us a call and we would be more than happy to entertain you and give you the perfect quotation that would suit your budget. 09151134507 / 09278685147

shell :

hi everyone im looking for the CHURCH name where the movie Pangako by regine velasquez and aga muchlach????did anyone of you know about the venue?

michelle :

i’d like to know how much a wedding reception in fantasy World would costs?? thanks! God bless!

We are soundscape pro audio company. we offer high quality sound and light for your event. please feel free to visit our website http://www.soundscapeproaudio.multiply.com or http://www.momentsevents.multiply.com or feel free to contact us 09321501451; 4275422 for your inquiries. ty GOD BLESS

faith :


Was wondering if mcdl ever posted details and reviews on her 235php/head caterer.

Hope you could share the info. Thanks!

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