Wedding albums: Going digital

Nope, I don’t mean “going digital” as in, bringing your wedding to the Web. I’m talking about digital wedding albums.

Digital photo albums from Ultravision Photo and Video

These albums are actually becoming a trend already. Why? Well, for one, you can truly show the essence of your wedding through its limitless possibilities in album layout designs. Each page can tell a story through the creative use of graphic effects, patterns, and filters, as well as fancy fontography and catchy texts. Unlike traditional albums, each page is mounted on a stiff board, then laminated. Some even have magnetic page corners, thereby protecting your albums from the test of time.

Marc and I are actually going to get a digital album to store memories of our wedding. As a graphic designer, I can’t help but want to design the pages myself (it would be nice to show my children and say, “hey, your mommy designed this!”). Admittedly, I haven’t finished designing ours yet hehehe (and to think we’ve been married for almost a year now! Haha). Seriously though… Choosing this type of album from the traditional one was greatly influenced by the fact that each page is by all means sturdy. My family has more than a dozen picture-full of traditional albums (one of the perks of having a photographer for a dad), and we’ve had to be very careful in storing them so they won’t degrade further.

Anyway, it’s your choice. These albums are a tad bit more expensive than traditional ones, though in fairness, they’re much more cheaper. And usually, when you acquire services of a wedding photography studio, digital albums and layout are part of their wedding packages.

You can check out Ultravision Photo and Video or Tri-Color Photo and Video Studio for their digital wedding album samples and photo packages.

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