A romantic Boracay honeymoon at Microtel

Boracay beachPrivacy isn’t really something you can expect if you get a hotel at the heart of the Boracay night life. You hear loud party people till the wee hours, and that’s really isn’t a very romantic setting if you’ve planned to consummate your relationship in Boracay for the very first time 😛 Notwithstanding whatever “activities” you newlyweds would like to do in bed, party noises make it difficult to sleep—which is something you might not like if you’re there for days of rest and relaxation.

If you prefer a quiet and romantic honeymoon at the beach, you might want to consider Microtel Inns & Suites at Diniwid Beach. It’s located at the other side of Boat Station 3, just about a few minute’s walking distance from Boat Station 1. And yes, it’s quite secluded. I know this for a fact—not only was I able to sleep soundly every night we were there, but I was also able to get some work done on my laptop.

Microtel Boracay

Microtel Boracay

Room with a view
What’s more romantic than having a room with a view? This is actually what sets apart Microtel Boracay from all the other Mircrotels in the world. Although Microtel lives up to its tagline, “the same hotel everywhere you go” (or something like that), the one in Boracay is their first ever resort hotel—and have rooms with a beautiful view of the beach and the hotel’s pool.

The room we stayed in didn’t come with a view, but I was privileged to explore and photograph a beachfront suite thanks to Anne (Microtel representative) and the head of housekeeping (whose name I totally can’t remember, sorry!).

Microtel resort pool

The room design itself looks like any other room in the hotel (it looked exactly like ours), but what sets it apart is the beautiful beachfront view you will get when you go out into the balcony. From there, you can also see Microtel’s pool and dining area.

I think they have around six beachfront rooms (four on the second floor, and two on the ground floor).

Chiropractic beds
These are Microtel’s pride and joy: their chiropractic beds. According to Dean, the hotel manager, they had to ship those beds all the way to Boracay from the US. This is a requirement, he said, when opening a Microtel franchise. You can’t get any other bed other than those they use in all the other Microtel franchises around the world.

If there’s one thing I can’t complain about, it’s their beds. It’s not too stiff, but not to soft either—you won’t feel like you’re sinking when you lie on their bed. The old bed Marc and I have here at home seems like a torture chamber compared to the beds in Microtel—it’s just that comfortable.

Microtel Boracay bed

Most of the rooms in the hotel have double beds, but each is big enough for two so you can always share if you want a more romantic setting. However, if you really want to get a room that has only one bed, you can consider getting a suite. But the thing is, it might not have a beachfront view. Microtel Boracay only has two suites with a beachfront view, you’d have to be fast if you want to reserve one of them before someone else does.

Let’s say you and your husband want a taste of the Boracay night life. The Microtel hotel really is on the other side of Boat Station 2 and 3, which are the prime spots for dining, shopping and partying. That’s far. Really, I’m not kidding. Together with a few bloggers, Marc and I braved walking about 3-4 kilometers to Boat Station 2. I thought my legs would fall off by the time we reached the Regency Hotel.

Microtel has a shuttle service you can call to pick you up. I can’t remember exactly, but I think this service is free. I suppose it’s their “remedy” for being far away from the Boracay night life. One thing you should know is that it’s really not that advisable to call the shuttle when you’re in a hurry. They have two shuttles taking visitors within the island, but remember that there are 51 rooms in the hotel and you aren’t their only guest. We had to wait for about 30 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up from Station 2 in the afternoon, but when we asked for the shuttle service in the evening, we only had to wait for about 10-15 minutes. So… If you got to pee, make sure you answer nature’s call first before calling the shuttle 😀 You never know what time it would arrive.

Here are a few more pictures I took of Microtel Boracay.

Microtel Boracay

For the Microtel Boracay fact sheet, you can get more info on the second page of this post. Microtel actually provides this on their website, but I just added the info here for your convenience.

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Hi Gail! It’s me, Aanne. Hope you could still remember. It’s just now that i get to check out your web. So pretty! And i say, your photos are beautiful! It’s good to know that you’ve enjoyed your Microtel experience, especially with our chiropractic beds.

I still owe you that basic wedding package i promised to send you. I followed up from our operations manager already and she promised to send asap. They are quite busy in the hotel right now because of its peak season.

I hope we get a chance to meet again. I’d like to ask you more about the promo Pia and I wanted to do for the bloggers.

Again, thank you for this wonderful write-up and the privilege of knowing you and your husband.

Happy heart’s month!

Truly yours,
Aanne Dimayuga

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Those prices are great for what you get, I agree. Totally affordable for a nice vacation. Do you know what sort of environmental fees there might be, if any (listed at the bottom of your post)?

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