Sweeten your wedding with personalized candies

Halloween is just around the corner, and I can’t help but remember the bucketfuls of candy my sister and I used to gather after Trick or Treat. Who said you can’t have candy (and personalized ones at that) on your wedding?

Personalized Chocnut candies

I have always been fond of Chocnut, a local candy distributed here in the Philippines. It has a flavor of peanuts and chocolate at the same time. I just really like it, so much so that I named one of my favorite dogs, Choknat!

Anyway, during the course of our planning, I thought of giving away personalized Chocnuts to our guests. Marc liked the idea, but it came up a little bit too late—just a month before our wedding day. We didn’t have enough time to create these little yummy giveaways.

Since it’s a local candy, Chocnut comes in packs that are pretty cheap. You can get raw materials for decorating it in Divisoria (again, materials there are very cheap). The cost for these personalized candies isn’t a problem—it’s personalizing them that would take up most of your time. But if you aren’t busy, and still months away from your wedding, you can give this idea a try.

What you’ll need:

  • Chocnut candy
  • Regular bond paper (or shiny specialty paper if you want to go fancy, but avoid using the scented ones)
  • Sinamay cloth
  • Satin ribbon
  • Glue
  • Cutter
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Disposable paint brush
  • Color printer
  • Graphic-editing software (ex. Photoshop or PaintShop Pro)

Here’s what you need to do:
Create the design you want using a graphics-editing software. Make sure that your print area for each of the labels is 2” x 3” inches. On the image below, the red marks indicate the folds of the label when you stick it on the candy’s silver cover. (Once I upgrade this site’s hosting, I’ll provide a link to my Photoshop template file download The Photoshop template file is now available at the Downloads page). Make sure that you put in tiny light gray marks on the edges of the document so you’ll know where to cut.

Chocnut label template

Once you’re done, lay out the labels on a 7.5” x 9” inches graphic canvass. That way, when you print, you won’t waste paper and maximize the entire page. Print it out and leave the sheet to dry. Cut the labels carefully using a sharp cutter and a ruler.

Remove the labels on the Chocnut candies, but leave the silver cover on (the candy will break apart if you don’t). Put the labels you just made around it and seal with a bit of glue using a disposal paint brush (the bristles tend to harden if you don’t clean it properly afterwards, so it’s best to just get a disposable, cheap one). Don’t put too much glue, or you’ll smear the print.

When you finish labeling, cut a small piece of Sinamay and put a few candies in the middle. Take the four sides of the cloth and bring them up on top of the candies so they will be covered. With one hand holding the make-shift bag, tie it up with a satin ribbon. You’re done!

Chocnut isn’t the only candy you can personalize. Personalize any candy bar you want, just make sure you don’t remove the inner cover—glue on candy isn’t healthy 😛 You can even put tags and jazz up the candy bag as you see fit. Let your creativity run wild!

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Hi abigail,

that was very creative of you (choknat)! Ü we’re planning to get married by 2009, same venue! was your reception held at the officers country something (also inside camp aguinaldo)? we’re planning to do that. maybe you can give me an idea more or less how much of the budget will be shed for the reception? an estimate amount perhaps?

thanks so much!

Gail :

@pitchel: Nope. Our reception was held at the Acropolis Greens Clubhouse (the packages offered by the officers country thingie was a bit expensive, and they don’t allow outside caterers). It’s just near St. Ignatius Cathedral (just about a 5-minute drive from the church if there’s no traffic in Santolan).

issa :

great idea gail! 🙂 what other local candies can u suggest?

jc :

great idea! i’m really havin a bad times on how to make a personalized chocolate, but with this very cheap and simple choconut, it helps a lot, no need to contact the one that i saw on bridal fair before . thanks so much…

Lhea :

Hi Abigail!

You know what, your idea was the best and I’d like to say thank you for such a unique wedding favor and for being so generous to share your template. We had the same wedding favor on our wedding last year,only we redesigned the template and used organza to wrap the choknat instead of the sinamay cloth you used in your wedding. The result was pretty impressive and looked very elegant. My friends helped us make the favors and we’re all proud of what we’ve accomplished. Thank you for your terrific idea. GOd Bless!

Mhea :

Hi Miss Aby,
Thank you so much for the very brilliant idea..My cousin asked me to handle the souvenirs for her wedding, and i think she will like the idea of the personalized chocolate..GOD bless..

Aby :

Will it be possible to use word document for the layout when printing?

jonyx :

hi, the template is no longer available? is there anyway you can send it to me. I will be using it for my baby’s baptism.

I really like your idea. thanks a lot for sharing!!

cherry :

Great idea!
Me and my hubby just got engaged and we are planning to wed on 2012.
This is something that I can really do given the span of time that I have 🙂

Also, your site is marvelous! ‘Love it 😉

@Cherry: Best wishes in advance.

I really like to use Sinamay as part of my craft project. I’ve got a great idea now…

jen :

Hi Abigail,

Grateful if you could send to me vai email the template. I cannot access the template online.

Many thanks!

Khristine :

Hi Abygail,

Great idea! Would you please send the template via email. I can no longer access the template.

Thank you!

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