The bridal car that never came

It’s been almost a year since my last post. Sorry about that, I’ve been pretty busy with my day job and other blogs. That’s why I’m opening this blog for contributions… If you’re interested, feel free to send me an email! 🙂

Funny, the first post I’ll made after such a long hiatus would be this. But you see, something like this shouldn’t really happen — there are so many ways it could have been avoided, and yet, it still happened.

Last December, my husband and I attended the wedding of our friends, Aileen and Jay. As a guest, we were very impressed with the way their wedding turned out. Not surprising really, as Aileen and Jay were very hands-on in planning their wedding. Everything went smoothly, save for one: their bridal car did not show up.

Aileen and Jay hired Jack and Jenn Catering to service their bridal car needs. They were supposed to pick up Aileen from the hotel and bring her to the Church, but they never came. The couple desperately tried contacting the supplier, but they were not answering their calls. Aileen had to use the taxi she hired to shuttle things around. Imagine that: taking a taxi to your wedding! Luckily, it was a white taxi. But that wasn’t the worse.

We really had no idea that such boo-boo happened. Well, not until the end of the reception, that is. My fellow blogger friends and I stayed behind a bit after the reception during clean-up, and thank goodness we did. Because as it turned out, Aileen and Jay didn’t have a ride going back to the hotel.

Unfortunately, the old second-hand Toyota Corolla my husband and I brought to the wedding took such an opportune moment to break down (our car was a victim of Ondoy, so we had no choice but to use a second-hand car until the parts we ordered from Hyundai arrives). The break pads were shot while we were parking at the church, so my husband had to bring it to a nearly car repair shop and pick it up after the reception. But the problem was, the car wasn’t ready until the evening. Aileen and Jay’s reception was done by 2pm, so waiting for the car was out of the question. Luckily though, Juned was there to offer help: his spanking red Tamaraw FX delivery van.

Photo by Blogie Robillo

Juned and I thought that Aileen would be changing out of her wedding gown before we left the reception venue. We were shocked when she said her clothes were at the hotel.

So there. In the absurdity of the situation, we couldn’t do anything else about it but just joke around amongst ourselves as we escorted the newly-weds to their hotel. To add insult to injury, another pair of newly-weds got off their sparkling white bridal car right in front of us at the hotel lobby, while our wedding couple got off a delivery van.

I was lucky that when Marc and I got married, one of our principal sponsors volunteered her Mercedes Benz for our bridal car. We experienced some minor mishaps like some technical issues with the background music of the reception presentation, but nothing really significant. I don’t know what I could have done if I were in their situation.

What Jack and Jenn Catering did to our friends was horrible. Just imagine the stress and embarrassment the couple experienced. After the wedding day, Aileen and Jay were finally able to contact the supplier. The couple had to demand that supplier personally hand over their refund and meet with them. Their excuse was that a staff member had to take a sudden leave. But the thing is, they booked way ahead of time and Jay even followed up with them days before the wedding. You’d expect that even if somebody in the staff had to take a leave, adjustments should have been made. For more information, take a look at Aileen’s post on her wedding blog.

I have to admire Aileen and Jay for the calm way they handled the situation. No use ruining a wedding day for an incompetent supplier.

I review a lot of wedding suppliers in this blog, as its main purpose is to help couples plan their wedding in some way or another. And I definitely won’t recommend Jack and Jenn Catering.

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jho :

we’ve already got married married in civil last july 2008. And now we’re planning a church wedding this dec, and it will be held in St. marc in UPLB. There were also cottages and reception there at the middle of the mt. makiling. The place is just like forks in twilight. A forest inspired wedding. the chappel is very unique, the reception, well its emelda marcos inspired place, the laguna de bay is overlooking all around the place. The place is very amazing and its very affordable.

I wasn’t expecting this wedding is from Philippines until I heard the word Ondoy. 🙂

Curse for the car for rent that did not come.

Ohh that was so sad for Ms Aileen’s wedding. She deserve the best for that day.

rica :

Hay nakooo… the never ending wedding nightmares! hehehe… =) got married 2 years ago and glad sanay kami ni hubby na hands-on lahat. salamat sa help ng aming mga relatives and everything went well naman. =)

reg wedding nightmares, have heard so many bad reviews about this wedding coordinator: Bells and Doves Event Management – one stop shop of everything from cakes, flowers, catering, tents, photobooth, etc. and just would like to warn everyone not to hire them because i heard na may nag-sue na daw sa kanila na client nila dahil after hiring them for full coordination – palpak daw ang buong wedding. pati groom naiyak since they spend 500k for the wedding plus other damages. sobrang di daw maaasahan yung reign tanjutco and husband. tapos heard another story na pati daw photobooth super low quality. parang may naghawak lang ng camera and take pics sa corner and they call it already a photobooth. even the invites daw parang pinrint lang sa printer sa bahay tapos binebenta na nila. tapos have seen another comment from a blog na yung coordinator daw end up as guests lang during the wedding halos walang natulong. paano kaya sila nakakatulog sa dami ng mga naloloko nila. please be warned. kawawa mga couple na nabibiktima nila!

ritzchie :

hi =)
we’re planning to have our church wedding on March 2011.
please, do you have photo gallery of your designs for wedding dresses from bridal gown to the flower girls’? appreciate if you could send them to my email.
thank you and more power to you =)

Hazel :

Hi to Rica!! kukunin din kasi namin ung bells and doves. nakapag-down na kami last sat.. paano ba naging nightmaire ung wedding? baka year 2008 pa yun kaya ganun/ pero nung 2009 ok na rin nmn ung mga feedback sakanila.. Please message me. D ba sila nag-cocoordinate

Ysa Advincula :

Yes there are a lot of coordinators na mahirap kausap and di marunong mag PR sa client. In fairness naman sa Bells & Doves ok naman ang service nila sa kasal ng cousin ko last January full coordination din ang kinuha sa kanila. We saw blogs na binabanggit sila pero we gave them a chance. Considering na yung cousin ko nakabase pa sa Canada and online lang transactions nila and payments naging smooth naman transactions. Nakukulitan lang kami minsan kasi panay ang followup nila sa decisions ng cousin ko at dumadaan sa akin most of the time lalo na pag busy ang cousin ko. Their staff are respectful naman and they follow instructions.

Me and my fiance was online this morning and the owner and my fiance talked on the phone and namention nila na there was this blog na nabanggit din ng client nila. Binigay nila itong url and syempre as a satisfied client we have to defend them din kasi di naman ganun ang na experience namin. We have transactions with them kasi about our wedding which will be held this November. So far wala naman kami problem kasi sila din Coordinator, Photobooth and Photo & Video namin. Our prenup pictorial is scheduled on the 30th of this month. It is ok to react naman pero we also have to be cautious and responsible lalo na if hearsay ang isusulat. The owner herself kasi is a lawyer and when we had our 2nd meeting, she showed us demand letters that they wrote to those people who wrote things over the net. One already had a court decision and was subjected to pay them P 70,000 for damages. Slunder ang case and there was one case na malapit na matapos. And sila mismo may mga clients, suppliers and coordinators na hinahabol until now kasi di nagsettle sa kanila ng obligations like sa tent rental nila which was held 2 weeks ago sa QC na di nagbayad and sa gowns na natapos na ang kasal na may balance pa sa kanila.

I would still recommend them pero syempre everybody has to decide on their own. The 1st transaction that we had with them was really suntok sa buwan kasi syempre we don’t know them yet and read things about them pero this 2nd transaction, our very own wedding, kampante na kami. Di rin siguro sila tatagal sa business if ganun ang issue sa kanila di ba?

This must be a really annoying experience. But like they say, all’s well that ends well.

Michelle Mae :

Everyone! True talaga yung regarding Bells and Doves. Kasi yung friend ko dapat kukunin sila as wedding cooridanator dahil nga mura lang yung package at maraming freebies! Pero buti na lang may nakapagsabi sakanila na marami na nga daw palpak yang bells and doves na yan at madami nga hindi na nagbayad sakanila dahil nga sino ba naman na client yung gugustuhin pa magbayad ng balance e sinira na nila yung wedding or yung mga events. Madalas pa daw panakot nung may-ari Engr. Anne yata nga yung name e idedemanda niya dahil hindi nagbayad! dapat nga sila ang idemanda dahil sa mga palpak na ginawa nila d ba? KApal din ng mukha ng may-ari na yun. Kaya kayong mga nabiktima ng bells and doves na to dapat nag-file kayo ng case laban sakanila! once in a lifetime lang kayo ikakasal tapos nightmare pala ang gagawin lang ng coordinator na yan. Para wala ng mabiktima pa. Napakaunprofessional talaga! nakakatakot ang dami ng reklamo sakanila. Nakausap ko nga din yung isang nabiktima nila true pala talaga kaya nga chinika ko agad sa friend ko para naman di sila masama sa biktima!

Michelle Mae :

Hazel try mo yung mga mejo expensive na coordinator mga ranges 12k up for sure di ka mabibigo at kung ayaw mo magaya sa mga biktima ng Bells and doves!! nakapagdown ka na ba? magkano hiningi sayo? kung hindi naman malaki nadown niyo wag na kayong manghinayang na palitan sila. Right niyo naman yan kasi customer kayo mas freedom of choice kayo at kung hindi kayo satisfied sakanila. Alanagn naman ituloy niyo pa sila kunin kahit alam niyo na background nila. Dami na talaga negative comments sakanila pati nga mga co-coordinators nila alam din na palpak sila pati yung make up artist nakilala ko badtrip sakanila kasi nga unprofessional tlg daw awa nga daw siya sa bride na client na namake up-pan niya nakakunot na noo hehehe.

Agnes Coscolluela :

Yes, saw so many bad reviews about this bells and doves event coordination by Anne and Ivan Tanjutco. I also heard very bad reviews from acquaintances that experienced their services first hand. They must be telling the truth since both of them said that their service really is a waste of hard earned money and that all of their products are really POOR quality.

Suing a client? There’s nothing wrong giving opinion and giving reviews in the internet. If a client genuinely experienced a bad service I think all of us have our right on giving honest opinions. Would all those food critics who give bad reviews to restaurants get arrested too? We still have our FREEDOM OF SPEECH you know…

If Bells and Doves Event Management really did sue their clients, it only proves how UNPROFESSIONAL they really are. Why? – Because a reputable company would NOT want that kind of publicity anyway and that they would create far more BAD PUBLICITY by suing than by ignoring and learning from their mistakes. Plus I don’t think clients will actually give bad reviews if they’re happy with their service right?

Clients do actually recommend worthy suppliers if they’re contented with the service – that’s the reason why making sure that your client is pleased and happy, and that being skilled and a trained professional is REALLY IMPORTANT in ones business. Why? – Because clients do actually know whether or not you’re only there to suck in their hard earned money.

Nikka :

Hi Rica!!! I was new to my job and wanted to impress my bossings, I went to the internet and found/hired bells and doves for a corporate event management and guess what, their not at all dependable, sobrang cheap talaga ng mga items na ginamit nila like sa fabric designs, super poor quality and all pati photobooth nakakahiya sa senior partners and their wives. I asked them to find other suppliers kahit magkano pero they said they are a one stop shop, meron daw lahat, ‘yun pala mukhang pera lang talaga sila and they want to be the supplier of everything eventhough hindi nila specialty. In short, napagalitan ako ng boss ko about it… I sympathize with their previous clients… luckily it was not a wedding kungdi patay ako! How can they even sleep at night… they are very relaxed and they are no where to be found kapag may problem na… I am one of those people who can attest that Bells and Doves Event Management SUCKS bigtime!!!|

To Ysa Advincula, if you really are a true person or hindi made up ang name mo, how come you know all the things that are happening to bells and doves? Anne/Rhaine Tanjutco is not even a lawyer… and they have many case against them, maybe you can check sa court records in Mandaluyong and QC about it. I know, because I work in a lawfirm. Customer has the right to say and provide feedbacks to a company that they contracted. Bells and Doves are dealing with a business involving the public’s interest so they must be able to admit it and face it. Gandahan naman sana nila ang ginagawa nila because they are dealing with important events and most especially meaningful events like WEDDINGS… this is updated, the event I hired them for was just this year, 2010.

I think weddings should be a team-up between the coordinators and the couple. Its such a shame that these mishaps have to happen…

Michelle Mae :

Feel ko ndi totoo yung Ysa Advincula. And feel ko din d cya nag-eexist.. and feel ko si Anne Tanjutco yun. Gumawa siya ng sarili niyang comment. Di niyo ba napansin parang alam na alam niya nangyayari sa bells and doves. Hay naku kawawa naman need pa niya magbalat-kayo kunwari may panig at satisfy sa services nila. tsk tsk!! Pede ba Anne Tanjutco, makunsencya ka naman sa mga nabiktima mo! sana lang di ka makarma!

I have to agree with all the negative comments here about BELLS and DOVES. I booked their photo booth for my wedding last Dec. 4, 2010 and they did not show up! The owner Anne Taningco has no were to be found, when my wedding coordinator is doing the follow up Anne is not answering the calls, instead its her husband Ivan Tanjutco who informed my coordinator that the photo had an accident. The call time of the photo booth is 2pm and they only answered the calls and follow up of my coordinator around 8pm. When we don’t have time anymore to get a replacement for them. It’s like they intentionally delay giving us the informationso we cant do anything anymore. When I’m booking them, specifically Anne Taningco as she is the once who personally meet me to have me signed the contract and get the down payment, said she is the owner and also one of the engineers. When i ask her how many photo booth they have cos i wanna make sure if something happen with one, there will be a standby that will surely go to my wedding. She said i shouldn’t worry on that matter cos they have more than 3 photo booth, so if ever one will broke down or on the way has encounter something on the road there will be a definite standby that will go to my event. But then, my wedding day came, and Ivan said the photo booth had an accident and there will no more photo booth coming. I asked him where are the other more photo booth that Anne said will be on standby for this kind of situation? And he just simply said “eh wala mam”. Just like that, and truelly up to the end of my wedding, no photo booth from Bells and Doves has came.

Then as a true Christian, i still gave them benefit of the doubt. I am still very nice to them. 2 days after my wedding i texted Anne to check for the operators that got an accident. She said they had several stitches and everything but both are fine already. She then also told me that they will just deposit my refund to my bank account and if okay she will do it in 2 weeks, she said she just need to fix it in their office. And kindly i said its okay, 2 weeks is okay.

But then the commitment day came and no deposit has been made. Then when i call to ask why, and this time i am already irritated cos i think they are not taking me seriously. The husband, Ivan give in and told me they will make a deposit to my account. So i thought finally the issue has settled already. Only to find out form my bank that the check that was deposited to my account is already a closed account check, not even funded, as in closed account talaga. Im so pissed off. But then i still want to settle the issue in a very diplomatic way. So i still made a follow up again, and again Anne ask for another commitment to pay date. But again no deposit has been made. For 3-4 times after the closed account check deposit, several commitments to pay has been asked again and again, but none were honored. And up until now they haven’t given me back my refund.

Since last Feb 4, 2011, as for the last commitment to pay that was never honored by them as usual, i have already accepted the fact that this Bells and Doves and owner Anne Tanjutco and Ivan Tanjutco are just after the money. They don’t really have an intention to refund my downpayment and maybe to begin with, they never really have an intention to go to my wedding and cover my event. And they did really swindles my money. Their company scamms money from me!

I now file several complaints against them thru all network site they are using to promote their company and also to Paranaque mayors office where their office address is located.

I am sharing this story to the public so everyone will be warned. I hope no one will be fooled by this company and people again.

In addition to my previous comments.

Ivan sent me a text just yesterday (Feb 10.) and as i quote ” FYI lang lahat ng nilagay mo na message sa internet regarding sa amin ay naka forwad na sa abogado namin, di mo ba alam na may batas na ngayon regarding sa mga naninira sa net? Kaya kun gako sa iyo tumigil kana. – Ivan

I just want to say, i am entitled to make a comment based on my experienced from this company. And take note, paninira is different sa nagsasabi ng totoo. If what i have put in my comment on their site is not true, then he may call it paninira, but then, i was just sharing my experience. And definitely telling the truth. If what i said is a lie, why cant he answer my comments and deny if its just an allegations.

These people Anne Tanjutco and Ivan Tanjutco are to brave to sue their clients even if they were the one who did the bad things. Instead of apologizing they are threatening their clients. What kind of people are these? No integrity and principle. They are ruining entrepreneurs in this country.

I myself is an entrepreneur as well. But i know exactly how to respect and handle my client. I will do all my best to deliver the best service. And if ever something has happened that is out of my control i will apologize and accept what ever it may take. I will never ever threaten my client in any way.

May this comment help other people and be warned not to get this fraud company based on my experience. They have all the credibility to ruin your event. They will give you poor quality as some of their clients had experienced and worst no service at all like what i got from them.

I just found out this site today and nakakaloka naman ung mga revelations.

With Jack and Jenn, we were supposed to hire them pero di natuloy kasi meron kaming friend na caterer so sya nalang.

With Bells and Dove’s .. its such a mess. =( I hope by now nagimprove na sila…

Michelle Mae :

korek ka jan karen!!! dapat sila ang matakot!! nagsasabi lang tayo ng totoo!!

Michelle Mae :

check that site. lahat dw ng may complain sa bells and doves pede pumunta sa mayor’s office ng pque city

Siege :

hay, kami din naloko nag rent sila samin ng parachute. 30k un nagamit sa event kaso hindi sila nagpakita sabi nila malelate lan daw sila. hay..

Siege :

ivan and anne tanjutco din.. am sure may katapusan din sila

Mariana Macatangay :

Naging supplier din sila Anne Tanjutco sa wedding ng cousin ko. Isa ako sa nagpabasa sa cousin ko ng blog na ito para maging aware sila sa nakuha nilang supplier. May bagyong falcon noon kaya di lang kaba ang nasa dibdib namin. Lahat kami nagaalala baka walang sumulpot na bells and doves sa kasal sa kanila pa naman galing mga gamit sa kasal. Nung day na ng wedding dumating sila ng 7:30am dala mga tent at pati tao nila. Complain lang namin sobra ang dala nilang tao. Ewan ko kung para mapabilis ang setup o para madaming magtulong sa pag ayos.

Pagkababa ng mga gamit umalis sila at iniwan nagsetup mga tao. Bumalik sila 2hrs bago magumpisa ang kasal. Finishing touches na lang at may pinabago sa ayos. Laking tinik sa dibdib ang nawala nung finally natapos na ang setup. Kala ko mapapabilang ang pinsan ko sa mga nagcomplain. Pero di naman. Naging maayos naman sila. Di naman pala consistent ang mga palpak nila baka nagkakataon lang.

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Nikka :

Whatever Mariana, they already have a warrant of arrest issued to them and they already moved out of paranaque. Isa rin ako sa mga naloko nila. What your saying is impossible because they don’t have the resources to do that. If I know, kamag-anak mo lang si anne tanjutco or ikaw yan Anne. Magtago ka na… Pero kahit san kayo magtago mahuhuli parin kayo ng KARMA.

You’re destroying precious and important memories of other people. I can’t even forget and forgive you to what you did to my wedding and that was already 2 years ago. KARMA NIYO NALANG.

mikee :

Nothing good will come out of saying bad things about other people. Baka kayo ang makarma sige kayo. You won’t become a bigger person if you put other people down all the more. you should think about that instead….

marie :

Hi Nikka and Karren. Im sure isa lang kayo nuh sus aminin. Grabe ang laki ng galit nyo o naku ang wrinkles yikes! Alam nyo you will not be a bigger person by putting down other people or by saying bad things about other people. Like yan Nikka you said they moved out of Paranaque. I just visited them in their office in Paranaque and they are already one year dun. Tsk tsk tsk… liers go to hell im sure you know that. Dapat ikaw ang sinasabihan nun Mariana na WHATEVER… Hahaha you’re so immature and let’s not forget KSP.

ruffamica :

@nikka: ikaw ba nagfile ng case against them??? My friend hired them kasi and unfortunately,they booked quite a few supplies for their wedding. I guess my friend is having a hard time with them.she had panic attacks days ago dahil sa pag iisip. I was just thinking of validating it with you kasi I will suggest that she cancel her contract kahit malaki na nabayad nila ng fiance nya I know money can be an issue but I guess I can help them claim their money back because my husband is a lawyer and we will be reviewing their contract.I hope makareply ka. thanks

It’s a good thing that everything pushed thru even if they got stood up by the bridal car supplier.

This is a good wedding guide for everyone.

I must say, no matter what disaster happens on a wedding day, it will still be the best day of the couple’s life. Agree? 🙂

tj romero :

Hay nako sa mga ayaw maniwala na palpak ang bells and doves – go hire them. If kailangan niyo maexperience first hand before matuto, sige lang. But first research nalang their past clients. Google niyo bells and doves scammer madami lalabas na mga niloko nila then decide if kaya niyo pa risk ang event niyo. That’s all I can say.

To bells and doves – ayusin niyo naman sana ang mga pinag-gagawa niyo. Wedding yan for crying out loud. Hindi pwedeng printed lang sa bond paper at sa bahay ang binebenta niyong invitations. Formal yan!!! Ayusin niyo products niyo! Mahirap habulin ng karma.

donna :

Totoo guys na print out lang sa bond paper na parang gawa lang ng bata at sa bahay pinrint ang wedding invites ng bells and doves by engr snne tanjutco at ivan tanjutco. Naexperience ko rin yan 1st hand. Ni hindi man lang nga photoshop ang ginamit. For heaven’s sake, mahiya naman kayo ivan at anne sa mga pinaggagawa niyo. Di ba kayo natatakot sa karma at may 2 anak pa naman kayo?! dream wedding yan e, pinaghirapan yang pera na yan ng couples na ikakasal. Masyado naman kayi manloloko. Wala man lang ka quality quality mga ginagawa niyo. Wag naman kayo manloko ng tao! Sa dami ng mga taong masama ang loob sa inyo at may pending pa kayo na mga kaso… magbago naman kayo!

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